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Zje Mongol

The Inspiring Sound of Zje Mongol

Explore the world of our Mongolian music band. From the timeless resonance of Morin Khuur to the rhythmic allure of yoochin, we blend tradition and innovation. Our performances weave the captivating art of Mongolian Throat Singing into a harmonious experience. Join us for a musical adventure that bridges the past and present, crafting a distinct sound that echoes the spirit of Mongolia.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Past Performances

Since 2020 the ensemble forged collaborations with Seattle JazzEd, NorthFolk Festival, Wintergrass Music Festival, and APCC.  

About Zje Mongol

A stylistically unique Music Band from day one, the members of Zje Mongol have been throat singing, performing, and playing their musical instruments in sync.
Throughout the course of the group’s collaboration, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life and across genres. While performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances, their captivating, high-energy concerts have earned them an ever-growing fan base.






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